LDS Film Festival screening

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Come see Porter Rockwell in HD at the LDS Film Festival!

New this year, the LDS Film Festival is projecting the films in their native resolution.

SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem (745 South State Street).

A Question and Answer session with the filmmakers will follow.

LDS Film Festival

12:15 pm | Special Screening
Scera Showhouse II

Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell
Documentary, 50 minutes, color, 2010
Director: Jared Cook, Jacob Hoehne, David Swanson
Stories From the Life of Porter Rockwell is a full-length documentary that explores the life of Orrin Porter Rockwell, a man known by many as “the Jesse James of the Mormon West.” Indians feared him, saying he was impossible to kill, but some people traveled hundreds of miles to try. Was he a saint or a sinner, a lawman or a criminal, a hero or a villain?

Feature story

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Here’s a link to a featured story about the film in The Daily Herald:

#2 Bestseller on Deseret Book

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We just made #2 on Deseret Book’s bestselling DVD list!

It’s Official!

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The film has been accepted to IMDb, the Internet Movie Database. Special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this project happen!

Sold out…but more coming!

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The first batch of DVD’s have sold out and there’s a thousand back ordered already.  I am told they will restock soon.  Thanks for your patience!

Porter Rockwell on DVD

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Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell DVD

Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell DVD

“Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell” has been released on DVD and is available at Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and Costco.

Documentary Trailer

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Behind the Scenes

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Here’s a glimpse into what production was like on the film. This footage covers a few historical recreation scenes, which were filmed on the Canon 7D.

Here’s a clip from the film shoot we had a few days ago, as we wrapped up the historical recreation footage for the show. Gotta love that steadicam!

Production is always full of curve balls.  Today, a key production day at This is the Place monument, we had a set back that could have brought the entire day to a screeching halt.

I went to go shuttle an actor who was arriving on set.  He was clean shaven, short sandy blond hair.  We talked as I drove him up to the cabin where we were filming.  When I asked him what he knew about Porter Rockwell, he admitted he had heard the name and that was about it.  I figured he was an extra to fill in the background and didn’t think much of it.  When he met with Sarah, the production coordinator, I saw her face go white.

This guy was supposed to be our 30 something Porter.  A short-haired, clean shaven Porter?  While our make-up artist on-set is fabulous, you can only do so much.  Apparently he had changed his look a few days earlier (from long hair with a beard) and his agent was unaware.  We couldn’t use him.  It’s like casting a flat chested Dolly Parton; it just doesn’t work.

We had to call an audible.  We had the other cast, crew, equipment, extras, location, even a dove handler – all contingent on one character.  Thankfully, our older Porter, Richard Purdy, was able to stay the rest of the day and play all of the key scenes our clean-cut Porter could not.

Well, Porter must have lived a hard life to look 60 when he should have been 30!  But an older Porter is better than no Porter.  We’ll have to suspend disbelief a little further out there.